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Just How Should Carpets Be Cleaned?

We asked the two most reliable sources we could find: The carpet manufacturers and the industry regulators such as the IICRC, CFI and the RIA. The following is recognized as the appropriate steps a professional carpet cleaning company should take for carpet restoration.



Inspect the carpet to determine fiber makeup, installation integrity and best strategy to clean this particular carpet. They will answer such questions as: Is this carpet nylon, wool, olefin, glue down, padded, seamed....? Finally, noting spots which may be difficult to remove during the normal cleaning.


Groom the carpet.

Soil actually has a "surface tension" to it - that is, it tries to stick together. Raking releases this surface tension and allows the soil to be more easily released. Finally, moving all the furniture safe to move.


Vacuum the carpet wall to wall.

This is the most missed step by carpet cleaners. It has been determined that nearly 65% of all soil on a carpet is "dry" soil. That is, it does not adhere to the fibers of the carpet. Clearly, not vacuuming can not produce the cleanest carpet possible.


Pre-treat The carpet is sprayed with an alkaline solution.

Virtually all soil is acidic in nature. Many soil materials can not be released from the carpet fibers without this chemistry.


Groom the carpet again!

This agitates the pretreatment solution in the fibers much like rubbing your hands together when you clean them.


Extract Using a truck mounted "steam extraction" unit.

While no one literally uses steam, the hot water extraction will mix with the soil and be extracted out of the carpet. Water temperature should be between 180 °F - 190 °F. Rinse in acid based fresh water.


pH Balanced Rinse

This rinse is nearly always forgotten by professional carpet cleaning companies...just ask them what the pH of the rinse water is. Without bringing the pH level back down to about 5, your carpets will literally become a "dirt magnet."


Post-spot Treatment

If any spots are not removed during the cleaning process, specialty spotting techniques are employed. Note: Permanent stains identified by the technician will be noted to the owner.


Post Grooming

The carpet pile is set in one direction for faster drying and visual appeal.


Speed Dry

High velocity air movers are placed on the carpet to speed dry carpet.


Post Inspection

The final walk through to insure all aspects of the cleaning process has been accomplished.


Post Inspection

Apply protectant. This Teflon based solution will help the carpet resist both wet and dry soils. If the carpet company you call does not complete all of these steps, then they have failed to keep the standards set by the industry. When shopping, ask them about their procedures. Ask about certification, and most of all, get references.