They will either try to amaze you with details, or try to scare you to death...

One way or another, Mold sells fear. BUT, the truth is out there! Learn more from our mold removal company.

Here are the facts:

1. Mold is ubiquitous - it is all around us and has been since...the beginning.

2. Most humans have some sort of allergic reaction to ENOUGH mold exposure.

3. The color of mold is totally dependent on what it is consuming, not the species.

4. Virtually all structures have mold in them - but MOST do not have growing nor dangerous levels of mold.

5. The presence of moisture over time is the enemy.

6. Mold detection is NOT rocket surgery.

7. While animals can aid in detection, animals cannot be calibrated, nor reliably tested for complete accuracy.

8. There are two, and ONLY two ways to remove mold damage:

  1. Remove
  2. dispose.
9. There are only three industry accepted means to kill mold:
  1. Chemical & Botanical Antimicrobials
  2. HEPA Vacuuming & Encapsulation
  3. Removal
10. There are NO Federal guidelines on mold remediation - the only real question is, "How much does it cost to make a structure safe?"

11. If you see it, you got it - there is NO need to test for it if you see it, which would mean you got it, so just get rid of it....

12. If you don't see it, the ONLY reliable means to confirm the presence of mold is an air test.

13. Mold does NOT creep around like a cancer. Once it is removed, it does not return UNLESS the conditions which caused the mold in the first place are reproduced.
  • A - Moisture
  • B - Time
14. Treat mold damage like fire damage: If your home had fire damage, you would not ask, three months after the fire, "Are there still flames?"

In the area of mold, KNOWLEDGE is the power to overcome fear.