Flagstaff emergency water damage specialist and flood damage restoration

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TG's Carpet Cleaning & Restoration of Flagstaff is an emergency water damage specialist and flood damage restoration company. Call us for water damage mediation, remediation , water cleanup company. We offer thorough carpet water extraction services in the Greater Flagstaff area and Northern Arizona.

TG's Carpet Cleaning and Restoration is the highest qualified company in Northern Arizona to Mitigate and Remediate Water Damage.

What to do when you find water damage?

OK, so it may not be Katrina Sized water damage, but any amount of damage caused by water in your home or office is of great concern. Many people who have experienced a pipe leak or washing machine overflow have so many questions about what to do next when they first find the water.

The following is offered to help make a list of priorities of action when encountering water damage.


    1. Unplug any appliances which may be in standing water.
    2. BE CAREFUL!
    3. Move easily damaged items like papers, or cardboard boxes out of the water.
    4. Move furniture out of standing water if possible.
    5. Use aluminum foil squares to place under furniture legs to save the carpet from staining.
    6. Try to evacuate as much water as you can with brooms or even "damming" up the water with rolled towels from traveling to other areas.
    7. Contact a plumber if there is free flowing water that you can not shut off yourself.
    8. Call us for carpet water extraction services!



    Call TG's Carpet and Restoration to respond. Using the latest technology, we will mitigate further damage fast.

    Most insurance policies require the owner to contact an emergency responder as soon as the damage is detected. Remember, you are free to call anyone you wish. The "preferred" providers are not required when it comes to emergency response.


    Call your insurance provider to report the event. Remember to have as much information as you can to enable prompt response from the insurance company. Tell them you have already contacted TG's Carpet and Restoration.

    When we arrive, we will be able to guide you into the next steps.

    Never let the water set overnight thinking that someone will not respond until "business hours."

    TG's Carpet and Restoration has 24/7 emergency response personnel

    Working directly with your insurance company, TG's will walk you through the entire process - from disaster to like-new.