Flagstaff professional fire damage specialist and fire damage restoration

TG's Carpet Cleaning & Restoration of Flagstaff is a professional fire damage specialist and fire damage restoration company. Serving the greater Flagstaff area.

Fire is one of the most devastating events anyone can experience. Not only does
the actual flame destroy structure and contents, but the resulting smoke can cause
enormous and unexpected damage.

So, if you experience a fire in your home or business, here are a few tips on handling this disaster.

Steps To Follow

First, make two initial phone calls: your insurance company and TG's Carpet Cleaning & Restoration.

Your insurance company will inform you as to the next steps you need to take for living arrangements or other personal needs. TG's Restoration will help guide you through this entire process. We work with all insurance companies and advocate for the customer. Our relationship with the insurance industry is built on trust and confidence in our capabilities to get you back to pre-damaged condition as quickly as possible.

Our professionally trained experts understand the nature of fire and smoke damage. We will determine the best strategy for remediation and mitigation of further damage. In many cases, smoke does more damage than the actual fire.

The following is a list of Do's and Don'ts for fire and smoke damage:


  • Wipe any surface attempting to remove soot. This may further damage the surface.
  • Walk on damaged carpet or use damaged furniture
  • Turn on electrical appliances such as computers or TV's until they have been cleaned and checked.
  • Consume food in cans or any other that may have been affected by heat or smoke.
  • Protect chrome on fixtures by washing with detergent and applying a coat of petroleum jelly.
  • Open windows to allow for ventilation.
  • Call a plumber to have all pipes blown out if it is winter.
  • Remove pets to a safe place.
TG's will pack out all contents and safely store and clean them in an on site storage container. All contents will remain on site in a locked container and available to you when you wish.

Every item is photographed and cataloged. All smoke damaged personal items will be deodorized and cleaned back to pre-damaged condition if salvageable.

Clothing and other fabric goods will be taken to a professional dry-cleaning facility for treatment. Salvageable computers, TV's and other electrical appliances are cleaned and restored by leading

Anything that cannot be reasonably restored will be discussed with both the insurance company and you, the owner. We will help move you back in when all construction is completed.

It is natural to want to jump right back in after the disaster is over. However, improper procedures can further damage items. Always ask questions and we will be happy to answer and assist in a professional and efficient manner.

Together with your insurance provider, you can rest assured that you will be back to pre-damaged condition as fast as possible.

TG's is available 24 hours a day for all disaster emergencies.