See What We Can Do To Get Animal Order Under Control

We love Fluffy and Muffin...most of the time. While pets are a great source of companionship and comfort, they are, after all, still animals. Domestic animals - just like the wild ones - are creatures of habit. In fact, the more certain the habit, the more they are at ease. Once a pet has used the inside of the home for what we hope would happen outside, they may have a difficult time "relearning" the habit of outdoor potty breaks.

While most household dirt is simple soiling, pet waste is considered damage once it contacts indoor textiles such as carpet, upholstery, and structural material. Due to the chemical makeup of pet urine, the fabric in question is now damaged. There are salts, and other biological waste products in pet urine and feces which simple cleaning cannot accommodate. Interestingly, unless the pet has a bladder infection, urine is actually sterile. The odor that comes from pet urine is caused by bacteria that feeds on the urine.

Usually one can clean up the pet urine if it is caught immediately after the pet "oops." However, over time the urine will soak into the carpet and pad and now become damage. This is where a professional carpet cleaning company who is certified in odor control can help.

How We Can Help

While each case is different, the treatment strategy begins with injecting enzymes and deodorizers into the carpet and pad. This solution is then "flooded" and extracted with a Water Claw. If this approach is not sufficient, then a more aggressive step can be taken.

In the most severe cases, the approach would include rolling back the carpet, steam cleaning it front and back, removal and replacement of the padding, enzyme application and sealing of the subfloor with polyurethane, then re-stretching the carpet. In some cases areas of the dry wall may need to be removed. This is especially probable in the case of cat urine since many cats will "mark" along the edge of a room instead of the middle of it. There is no way to reliably remove urine from dry wall. When removal up to the point of damage is required, the studs in the wall will be sealed as well.

It must be noted that there is no way to insure a pet will not use the indoors again. There are many claims made for certain "chemicals" that will make a pet not use the carpet, but none are certain. Remember, most animals will consider themselves part of, if not in charge of, the family with which they live. They may be VERY strong willed! Further, animals have a much stronger sense of smell than humans. Even when we are "certain" we can't smell the urine, a pet may still be able to.

Finally, pets are tricky - they have urinated in places we would never suspect. They know where they went, but the odor may be so diffuse that humans have a difficult time locating the exact spot.

TG's Carpet Cleaning & Restoration is fully certified in odor control. We have extensive training and experience in pet urine and feces odor control. We have state of the art chemicals as well as the strategic know-how for each case.